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We tailor our services based on unique requirement of your business. That is why our services are ranging from just bookkeeping to comprehensive finance and accounting function. The followings are our typical services that can be assembled and customized according to client requirement:

  Incorporation & Foreign Investment Service 

  Establishment of  a Branch or Liaison Office 

  Set-up Foreign Invested Company in Korea

  Advice on Appropriate Business Entities In Korea 

  Application for Tax Exemption

  Liquidation of a Branch or Liaison Office    

  Accounting & Financial Reporting Service

  Bookkeeping in English

  Prepare Financial Statements for Head Office

  Cash Management & Cash Flow Reporting Service

  Transfer Operating Fund or Net Income with Head Office

  Maintain Detailed Subsidiary Account

  Design and Evaluation of an Internal Control System 

  Tax Return & Consulting  Service

  Preparation of Corporate/Personal Income Tax, VAT and withholding tax Returns

  Representation in Tax Appeals for National and Local Tax

  Representation and assistance for Tax Audit

  Preparation of Personal Income Tax Returns and Tax Advice for Expatriates

  Issuing Certificate for VAT and Payroll withholding Tax

  Issuing Tax Clearance Certificate from Tax Authority

  Payroll Outsourcing Service

  Prepare Payroll Sheet and Payroll Income Taxes

  Arrange Deposit with a Designated Bank to Transfer Net Payroll

  Preparation and Submission of Monthly Payroll Income Tax Report to Tax Office

  Calculation of Severance Pay and Income Tax Thereon with Remittance of Net Payment

  Administration of a Social Security Tax:

      - National Pension, Medical / Unemployment / Industrial Injury Insurance